The Shrinking Tenner

Everyone likes a Christmas bonus, and in a Cost of Living Crisis, any money is difficult to scoff at. Christmas is a time for remembering the joy of giving, and to feel lucky for what you have - right? 

Every year, those on benefits also receive a Christmas bonus. A little treat, for surviving the year on such a pittance. Since 1972, every December, people have received £10.

Every year, since 1972. 

We are now fifty years on from this and it is still £10. 

In 1972, a pint of milk cost 5p, meaning the Christmas bonus would get you 200 pints of milk. Today, a pint from Tescos is 70p, meaning you could get 11 pints for your Christmas bonus. 

If the bonus had risen with inflation, it would be about £130 today. £10 in 1972 truly was something that made a difference, but today, it’s barely the cost of the veggies for Christmas dinner!

LDDA are campaigning for benefits to be tied to inflation, protecting the most economically vulnerable from crisis, and ensuring that bonus’ are true to their name. 

It isn’t enough to simply increase the Christmas Bonus to £130 now - we need to make the system work consistently. 

By tying benefits to inflation, we preserve the system and allow those who rely on them to feel secure. Similar to the annual increase of minimum wage, it should be an annual increase. 

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