Standing Disabled Candidates

We want more disabled people to stand for public office - and the necessary support to be in place for them.

In the past decade our parliamentary party has become a lot more diverse.

While we have fewer MPs than we did before 2015, we have much better representation for women, LGBT people, and ethnic minorities in our House of Commons group.

We want to build on that - including getting better representation of disabled Lib Dems in Parliament.

How you can help

The first step to having more disabled representation?

Ask them to stand!

LDDA are asking all local parties to ensure they are fully equip to stand a disabled candidate - it often isn't as simple as just encouraging a disabled person to stand. 

As of 2023, polling stations are no longer legally required to be accessible, and the pot of money to support disabled candidates regardless of political affiliation has been cut. 

Are you prepared to support a disabled candidate? Do you need more information?

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